Bears watching in the NP Tara and NP Biogradska gora

Parks Dinarides and WWF, in collaboration with the NP Biogradska gora from Montenegro and the NP Tara from Serbia implement the initiative: "Bears Watching", which is the basis for the development of nature-oriented tourism but by promoting measures for the protection and improvement of the bear habitat and prevention of poaching. The project will build an effective system of monitoring brown bear with the standardized monitoring methods, in order to contribute to the conservation of these species in the area of the National Park Biogradska gora and NP Tara. Based on the acquired data, in cooperation with relevant stakeholders, the action plans for the brown bear will be developed, which will be implemented through management plans of NP Biogradska gora and NP Tara. Along with the work on the establishment of ecological corridors, "Parks of the Dinarides" will work actively with partners to raise awareness and educate the local population about the values in the protected areas, to ensure the sustainability of this form of eco-tourism.

This initiative is being implemented within the project PA4NP.