Competition for the award of grants within the Grant Program for Protected Areas (Project PA4NP)

Parks Dinarides – the Dinarides Protected Areas Network, together with WWF Adria, announce a competition for the award of funds from the Grant Program for Protected Areas.

The Grant Program for Protected Areas is intended for managers of protected areas in the Dinaric Arc region to improve relations and dialogue between protected areas and their local communities and build partnerships at local and regional level.

Projects under this Program can be implemented at national and/or regional level in the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

The priority when awarding grants is given to protected areas - members of the Parks Dinarides network, and other national parks, nature parks and regional parks from the eight countries of the Dinaric region are invited to apply as well.

Objective of the Grant Program for Protected Areas

The main objective of the call for project proposals is to build a partnership between protected areas and representatives of local communities based on principles of accountability, transparency and participation.

The specific objectives of the call are:  

  • Improve the level of cooperation between protected areas and local communities in the Dinaric Arc countries;
  • Establishment of permanent structures/mechanisms for communication and improvement of the functionality of existing cooperation between competent institutions and civil society in the protected area;
  • Encouraging proactive access to protected areas upon involving local community representatives in decision-making process (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies that affect the management of protected areas).

Priority areas for the Grant Program for Protected Areas are:

  • Decision making and decision-influencing;
  • Management planning;
  • Communication between protected areas and the local community;
  • Education and cooperation with local educational institutions and organizations;
  • Economic development;
  • Equal rights and opportunities.

The total amount for financing from the Grant Program is 100,000.00 EUR. Minimum amount for grant/support per project is 3,000.00 EUR, and maximum amount is 7,000.00 EUR. All submitted projects are obliged to contribute with minimum 30% of total budget.

The deadline for the submission of project proposals is March 1, 2018.  

All documents for applications are available at


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