31/08/2016 - National park Biogradska gora

In the area of Old Montenegro in the past most of the population was engaged in animal husbandry, which was woven into all life processes. As part of the herding life emerged in the specific mountain settlements from the XII century known as pastures.Livestock pastures settlements were located on the slopes of Bjelasica. There are rules herders their huts - apartments, as well as other supporting facilities of the wood, where they stayed a certain part of the year. Cattle are grazed first in the rural commune, and then on the mountain since the beginning of summer, when the growing season the strongest, until the end of August, when returning to their villages. The beauty of summer pastures is in its simplicity and functionality. With the huts were erected and others outbuildings dairy - less private huts that serve exclusively for work around the milk. It is cooked with milk feathering of the tubs, spread and bought cream - cream. Depending on the number of cattle there are pens or Stops for sheep and cattle in particular. They made ​​the poles of the suitors, which is on top of sharp, set into the ground, coupled with wicker.

Idyllic alpine pastures life (full of joy and happiness), the best they knew those who lived such a life. The children played together, while the FIES often in the evening in one of the cottages on the Presidents gathered. There are women knitted, spun wool and comb, a young played games accompanied by song and story until dawn. Animated pastures in order to develop tourism and the tourism industry attracts nature lovers, while for those who want to learn about the traditional way of life of our ancestors, we should wait for better times.