News of Parks of the Dinarides


Signed Memorandum of Understanding on the project "Bears Watching" in NP Biogradska gora

The World Fund for Nature WWF Adria, Public Enterprise "National Parks of Montenegro", Hunting organization - Kolašin, Hunting Club - Mojkovac, Tourist Organization - Mojkovac, Tourist Organization - Kolašin and NGO Parks Dinarides - network of protected areas of Dinarides signed in Kolašin, Montenegro, Memorandum of cooperation on the occasion of implementation of the regional project "Bears Watching."

The project "Bears Watching" represents a joint initiative of the NP Biogradska gora and NP Tara, in the framework of the regional project implemented by the World Organization for the Protection of Nature WWF Adria and “Parks Dinarides - network of protected areas of Dinarides" entitled" Protected areas for nature and people", under the auspices of the Swedish International development agency – SIDA. The initiative is dedicated to developing nature tourism by promoting measures for the protection and improvement of the bear habitat. In the next three years through the cooperation of representatives of science and industry, a system for development and sustainable use of resources and environmental protection will be established. Residents of the protected and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to engage in measures to protect wild species, but also in the creation of attractive tourism offer as a guide for watching bears and other wild species or through the provision of accommodation, gastronomy and other tourist services oriented towards nature, stated the President of Parks Dinarides, Zoran Mrdak.

"This initiative is part of the regional project "Protected areas for nature and people", so we are going out of that primary focus on nature only.  The future of protected areas lies there. Of course the main purpose is to preserve nature for future generations, but we cannot reach that by some decree or law, but by our work and involvement of the wider community. - Said Martin Šolar, Director of the Office of World Organization for the Protection of Nature WWF Adria based in Zagreb. We are also pleased that after five years of work of WWF on the promotion and advancement of protected areas, today we have a credible regional association based in Montenegro. Parks Dinarides, in addition to this project, started the implementation of new major initiatives, which are also based on close cooperation with local communities and sharing the best practices among the protected areas" – added Šolar.

"This project is important also because this kind of national park does not need any major projects but several smaller initiatives, which will fit well into the environment and be nearly invisible in this beautiful area and serve its purpose, whether it is scientific, educational, health related, or any other type. This project is just like that, and in the full meaning contributes to the affirmation of this National Park. Today, when the living pace is fast I see national parks as the opposite - the place where people want to slow down time and return to nature", said Darko Brajušković, Assistant Director of the Public Enterprise National Parks of Montenegro.

  "Today, hunting associations must be less engaged in the promotion of hunting, and put more efforts to watching and protection of wildlife. We are the ones who know the best where the habitats and passes are, and we will be engaged to prevent poaching and promote commercial activities based on the observation of wild animals that gravitate around Biogradska gora” - said Sreten Peković, President of the Hunting Organization "Lovac" in Kolašin.