News of Parks of the Dinarides


The 12th Session of the Management Board of Parks Dinarides held in Mavrovo National Park

The twelfth Session of the Management Board of Association Park Dinarides – Network of Protected Areas of Dinarides was held on 28th February 2020 in Mavrovo National Park, North Macedonia.

After adopting the conclusions of the previous session, the members of the Management Board took note of the information on the entry into force of the new Statute of NGO Parks Dinarides. The Statute was adopted at the Second Extraordinary Session of the General Assembly held in Bihać in December 2019, which was adopted by the Decision of the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro and entered into force on 31st January 2020.

The Statute is available on the website of the Organization:

As the new Statute abolished the position of the Executive Director of the Organization and replaced with the position of the President of the Organization who is also the authorized person of the Organization, the Management Board decided to elect Mr. Zoran Mrdak as President of Parks Dinarides.

In addition to the position of the President of the Organization, the new Statute also provides the establishment of the Expert Council of the Organization and Mr. Martin Šolar was elected for the President of the Expert Council. Mr. Šolar, in coordination with the President of the Management Board and in consultation with members, will define potential members of the Expert Council in the coming period. The formation of the Expert Council will be finalized by the next session of the General Assembly.

In addition, the session also adopted conclusions on launching the electoral process for the bodies of the Organization, President of the General Assembly and three Vice-Presidents as well as members of Management Board.

Management Board has adopted the Financial Report of the Organization for 2019 as well as Financial Plan for 2020.

Members of Management Board made a unanimous decision on admission to membership of the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation – the Institute for the Nature Protection of Slovenia, expanding the Network of Parks Dinarides to 96 members.