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Cooperation of National Park Una and National Park Biogradska gora

Within the framework of the Tourism Fair held in Stuttgard last week, the director of National Park Una, Amarildo Mulić, and director of National Parks of Montenegro, Elvir Klica, signed the Charter of twinning of National Park Biogradska Gora from Montenegro and National Park Una from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

By signing the Charter, these two protected areas will have the opportunity to collaborate and exchange experiences and best practices in the field of nature conservation and tourism offer based on sustainable development, as well as mutual support in the creation and implementation of activities of commong interest. The exchange of national park experiences will be reflected in the support of colleagues from NP Biogardska Gora in developing the application for nomination of Martin Brod waterfalls for admission to the UNESCO World Heritage List, as they have acquired some experience and knowledge in the nomination of beech forests of NP Biogradska Gora. Martin Brod waterfalls are already on the tentative list.  

 “In addition to our cooperation with National Parks of European developed countries, regional cooperation is very important to us as well, since everything begins from it. In addition to the usual forms of cooperation and exchange of experience, we will work together to achieve world standards in protecting protected areas. We will insist on joint application to European funds for cross-border cooperation, all for the purpose of development, education, research and promotional activities. Branding our parks in the global market is one of our strategic priorities”, said Mr. Elvir Klica, director of National Parks of Montenegro at the signing, adding that such activities would be practice in National Parks of Montenegro operations.

Director of National Park Una, Mr Amarildo Mulić, who is also the chairman of the Managing Board of Parks Dinarides – a network of protected areas of Dinarides with 95 members in the region, said that the signing of the Charter was an indication that cooperation in the region was needed in the area of nature protection.  

„It was our honor today to sign the solemn Charter of twinning. We aim to make National Parks, each in their own domain, generators of sustainable development.”

This is the principle of work and vision not only in National Park Una, but also of most parks in the region, especially of those in Montenegro. This is our first twinning Charter with some of the national parks in the region. Today, we want to send a message that regardless of the distance we can cooperate in marketing and promotional terms, but also in the transfer of knowledge and experience when it comes to managing protected areas”, said Mulić.