The nature protection of Zagreb County is richer for yet another area

Ten years of work of Public Institution Green Ring (Zeleni prsten) of Zagreb county have been celebrated with the proclamation of Park around Lužnica castle as protected in the category of park architecture monuments. On this occasion, a ceremony was held at Spiritual-Educational Center  Mary’s Court - Lužnica on Wednesday, 18 December 2019. The Park around Lužnica castle is designed in English park style with influence of the French late Baroque garden style with molded hedges along with colorful flower beds.

Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection, Tomislav Ćorić, pointed out that today, about 55 percent of the population of our planet lives in urban areas and in a few decades, it will be about 75 percent. These beautiful oasis make the life of citizens in urban areas much better, adding that the Park around Lužnica castle earned the title of protected park with its beauty, biodiversity and other features. He emphasized that the proclamation came about due to the nuns’ perseverance and thanked others involved in the process as well. At the castle, the Minister also opened a photo exhibition entitled “The Mysterious World of Zagreb County”.

“Public Institution “Green Ring” has been protecting nature for ten years, which we are proud of, and we're also recognized as a green ring of Zagreb”, said Mayor Stjepan Kožić.

 Director of Public Institution Green Ring, Tatjana Masten Milek, noted that the Park around Lužnica Castle is absolutely the most beautiful monument of park architecture in Zagreb County, and the biggest credits go to the Sisters of Mercy who tirelessly maintain, nurture and preserve every inch of the Park. She added that Zagreb County is an incredible pearl of nature, as it is characterized by wealth of natural resources, in which forests, wetlands, karst phenomena and the great diversity of flora and fauna stand out. Protected areas cover as much as 37.690 hectares, which is 12,2 percent of the Zagreb County area.

 “I am extremely happy and pleased that Lužnica Park has been given its real title of “Park Architecture Monument”, which it really deserves. It took a lot of effort and financial investment to get the park out of neglect and bring it to its present appearance. We did this with much love and sacrifice, aware that God spoke in the beauty of nature. We wanted to give beauty, tranquility and peace to the people who often come to us seeking peace for body and soul”, said nun Miroslava Bradica.

Inside the Park, on the southwest side, is a lake rich in flora and fauna with two groves in the immediate vicinity. The Park is dominated by solitary trees and groves, while on the north side the landscape design of the Park is dominated by shrubby species and flower beds of rose stalks (visible influence of the late Baroque). A tree line bounds the eastern boundary to the entrance to the garden, and there is a magnificent old plane in front of the castle on the north side.